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Oil & Gas

Whether the need is for chemical resistance, abrasion resistance or for fast turnaround; Rhino Linings offers products that provide long-term performance in critical offshore or onshore realm.

Our impermeable linings and coatings are installed to address a wide array of corrosion and safety problems in the oil and gas industry, including spills, fires and leaks that may contaminate the surrounding environment. Able to be sprayed in hard-to-reach places, our geotechnical foam efficiently prevents lateral erosion in pipeline trenches, while our insulation foam helps reduce energy usage in a facility.

From tank linings and insulation to earthen beam protection, Rhino Linings offers compliant protective coating and spray foam systems that stand up to the most extreme conditions throughout the industry.

  • Features
  • 15 years use and experience
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Low odor, high solids
  • Roll, trowel, slurry & broadcast
  • Robust application window
  • Abrasion & chemical resistance